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A man of distinction,
He held a very special place
In the hearts and the minds
Of his native island race.

He was always very gullible
Even as a child
Absorbing strange knowledge
No matter how wild;
Tell him a so called fact
And he'd believe it
Which in time got him
A reputation a a wit.

The class howled with laughter
As he was the only one to know
The War of the Roses started
At at the local flower show.
His outrageous remarks
Left him so bemused as he.
Couldn't understand why
All the others were so amused.

He went far in life to even
Hold important office of state
Though they often shuffled him
Sideways before it was too late,
The opinion having been
Had he said one word more
His very gullibility would have
Started  the Third World War.

They retired him with honor
Up to the House of Lords
Where enthralled peers
Hung on his very words.
His epitaph read a very
Popular and honored knight
Who  seldom in his life
Got any fact half right.

Later evaluation led
His biographer to find
All this concealed
A very keen sharp mind,
Which led a contemporary
To mutter that rhyme
About fooling some of the
People for most of the time.

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