Kieran Doherty

                                    Kieran Doherty      November 30, 2012  

Robbed of his freedom at seventeen years young, taken on his street, do you know what I mean?
Joined Fianna Eireann learned his game then interned never again to be seen
Another child of Ireland of seventeen years, look at your children, you'll know what I mean
With his family attacked and two brothers taken, Michael and Terence both jailed for the cause
Geraldine did not know about the hero she knew, she loved him and lost him goodbye
In August seventy six he was chased in a van, arrested for being a proud Irishman
Eighteen years jail time with another four years, stealing a young Irishman's dream
Seventeen young years of freedom, so young with no fear, goodbye to my family and country dear
This young man was Irish with no connection to the queen, just an Irish republican with an Irish boy's dream
I met his friend recently who was dying like him with words so strong about this young man that loved hiscountry so much
He was a hero in jail and loved life everyday, his shoes left polished from his lost freedom day
He was elected,this person locked up, to represented the land that he loved so much
Seventy-three days between here and there in pain he died, unfree in an Irish jail
The children of Ireland must remember Kieran Doherty and think about freedoms way
This heroe of Ireland died in an Irish jail, think about it, you'll know what I mean
Robbed of his freedom at seventeen years young, taken from his country, do you know what I mean?
Joined to Fianna Eireann learn his game then interned, locked up never again seen

Gerrard McGeachy

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