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Kissing in the museum?
Surely not the norm,
Thought the dinosaur as they did
In the shade of its skeletal form.
This giant of the past,
Lord of all he once surveyed,
Scourge of all the creatures
On which he'd once preyed
Now an epic reproduction,
Of steel frame and bone
Dominating the gallery
In which he stood alone,
Apart from the puny humans,
Species that inherited his earth,
Oblivious to his majesty
Necking for all their worth.
His ghostly presence sighed:
If this was evolution
Perhaps there were worse
Fates than that of extinction.
Oblivious to its disapproval
They finished their kiss
And wandered away in a
State of heightened bliss.
His gallery returned to silence,
The usual situation,
The Dinosaur settled down
To return to contemplation.
In the great scheme of things
It mattered not a single fig,
This planet so small
And creation so big.


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