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Maybes that in time maybe?

There are treasures here
Not the treasures of old,
No Spanish Doubloons, Pieces
Of  Eight, or ingots of Gold
But the treasure of two bodies
Sitting side by side at ease,
Each tingling where they touch
From shoulder down to knees:
That treasure of communication
Without a word being spoken,
In the holding of hands without
Any silence being broken
Save by the steady breathing,
One's head resting on another's
Shoulder, the building of a trust
That pleases, never smothers.
And in a not too distant future
Loneliness eased, and gone,
In a healing process that finally
Allows emotions to move on.
Old loves not lost or forgotten,
But each one so aware
Of the need to accept other's
Memories filed away there.

No conquistadores' Eldorado,
No City of Burnished Gold,
Just the treasure of a new love
Joined with the warmth of an old.
There are no betrayals
No destructions of a past,
Just a learning and acceptance of
An approaching togetherness at last.

Maybes that in time may be?


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