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( WRITTEN  4 - 12 - 2012 )

There are so many things we are called to do -
To ensure we have a better future - come what may .
With a safer car - a protected home - we 
Take out insurance - on the things we own .
We put our valuables in safe places - We take 
Out Bonds - and build our nest eggs - to cover 
For  rainy days - and  probabilities.
We make sure - the best silver - is safely under lock and key -
Then we have - our yearly check-ups - and our MOT's.
We tag the dog - and de-worm the cat -
And freeze the meat - for as long as we can -
We have pills for this - and a jab for that - we eat 
Our greens - and our five -a-day  -
We steralize our water - and compost our waste 
We recycle the cardboard - tins - and  our paper bags -
And build vast mountains with the rest .
We check our health - and run round the block -
We watch our weight - and then take stock - of 
The million things - we have yet to do - to keep our hair -
From falling out - or turning grey .

And then  - we take a break - with a little nap - and a pot of tea - 
To ease the stress - before thinking about - what we must do next .?
We fret and frown - and sigh and worry - but - all in all -
It's better to be - Well Prepared - than at close of day -
To have missed it all - and then - 
Be - Sorry.

Now for all of this - we have been told - ' The worst thing 
We could ever do - is gain the World - and Lose Our Soul .'
(Mark 8:36)
So we need to know - without a doubt - 
That when we leave this earthly frame - with all its'
Hurry - scurry - to and fro - and upside down - and inside out .
That - we won't have missed the very Best - that can be had -
Eternal Life - with Jesus Christ - our Risen LORD .
The One and Only -
Living  - GOD.

That's what Really Matters !


It's never too late to trust in Him for abundant life now - and 
assurance of a wonderful future with Him in Heaven .

But keep doing all the things that are necessary in this life -
to make things easier for yourself and others . They are all
part and parcel of what is needed to keep the wheels and 
cogs turning smoothly .

Be very blessed .

with love from Stella x


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