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Her name is Gunny

If in miracles you trust,
then you must know.
That miracles walks among us,
each and very day miracles will show.

When Gunny I first saw,
I knew right away,
that her love would be pure and raw,
that she was a dog in every way.

Now, I once thought, I knew it all,
that there wasn't anything new I could learn.
But when her name her friend did call.
As I watch her, my respect she did earn.

I ask her friend what was her story,
then a tear came to my heart,
as he give her all the glory,
as of his life she became a part.

She gave me five, then sing to me,
and like a person that was blind,
along with him her you would always see,
for she was with him each and every time.

Yes, she was a real dog, helping him each day.
He had problems he couldn't control.
And when from him she try to get away,
he knew back his thoughts, he must hold.

She knew when someone he might want to kill,
she  helped him when things wasn't going right.
She would be able for him to tell.
That his mind and thoughts wasn't at all right.

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Her name is Gunny

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