I Had a Dream

                I Had a Dream            November 10, 2012

I had a dream the other night with a lovely land in sight
I saw mountains and the shore, such a beautiful delight
The Poisoned Glen and back again with Erigal by its side
There's lots of places like this here, you can feel the locals pride
Nature's beauty is with you every where you go
This lovely land is a gift from God, join me and you will know
The saying is a little star dropped from high above the sky
This land of the Gods greets you, come to Ireland, please try
If you have never been here to meet us, ask yourself why?
A Gaelic nation blessed from above, so gentle and full of love
Come join us in freedom and remember the dove
The dream I had was not lost, I think it beats them all
I'm going to join the people there in lovely Donegal

                   Gerrard McGeachy



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