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Written 11:12:12

( PART 1 )

The little lamb drew near the old grey donkey's side 
As he snuggled closely - to the strong and hairy hide .
He'd felt so small and frightened - when he first lay on the hay
But - now he felt secure and safe - at the closing of the day .
His mother had rejected him - on the cold and barren hills
But the shepherd found this refuge - where he'd be safe and still.
And so it was - these animals - came together one cold night.
One resting from its labour - the other from its fright .
But - whether providence or circumstance - had brought them at this time 
From that moment onward - they would never be the same.

As Suddenly !  -  in the shadows of the stall
A glorious Angel stood before them - magnificent  and tall
And before the frightened animals - could run and hide from there 
The Angel spoke and bade them - ' Peace ' and ' Do not fear '
He told them of a miracle - that they would witness very soon .
Of the birth of God Incarnate - in the confines of their room .
With big eyes - full of wonder - they thought - ' How could this be so ?
Why should God choose such a place ? - for surely He must know 
That donkeys can be smelly - and the ground was hard and bare 
And there was nothing for a mother - or her Baby there .

But the angel reassured them - it would be just as he had said 
And the manger - would be a cradle - for the Baby's head .
The donkey looked and marvelled - at how this was to be 
But then he asked the Angel - ' Why should God so honour - me ?
I'm only a beast of burden - I'm not handsome - as you know 
I take my time - and my master often tells me - I'm useless - weak and slow.
Every day I carry heavy loads - and very seldom rest 
I'm often beaten - bruised and hungry - but I try to do my best .
And now you say - this God-Child - will be born here this very night 
But I worry - lest my rough old face - will cause the Baby fright .
Perhaps it would be better - if I stayed outside the door .
That way - there'd be more room for them - on the stable floor .

The angel held his hand up - and then he said these words
' Dear donkey - you must stay - for you are precious to our God '
He doesn't care that you're not handsome - and your coat is hard and grey
Or that you don't have a shiny mane - and all you do is bray 
In fact - He's very glad that you're - dependable and slow 
And you carry heavy burdens - without - fanfare - pride - and show
You are just what He is looking for - and one day very soon
You will bear His Son to safety - at the rising of the moon .
For there will come a night - when He must be taken far from here
And carried down to Egypt - away from harm and fear .

And - later in the future - another of your kind 
One young - and yet unridden - certain men will find 
And as the Lord commanded - the colt to Him - they'll bring 
And then - with quiet obedience - she'll carry the great King 
In through the City gates - the glorious Lord will ride 
Amid the shouts of jubilation - from the throngs - on every side 
And faithfully - the steady beast - will carry Him that day 
But He will not seem heavy - as she bears Him onHis way .

And so - my friend - from this day on - when you see the Holy Child 
Remember how He values you - as gentle - meek - and mild 
Faithful - strong - reliable - all that is good and true  
Dependable and loyal -
That's just - how God -
Sees you.

( part 1 of 2 )

I really hope you are enjoying the dialogue between
that Angel and the donkey .... please be patient with me -
and look out for part 2 ... I will write it later .

God bless you with His love and Peace - today and always .

With blessings from Stella x


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