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( PART 2 )

WRITTEN 11:12:12

Now we have the discourse with the Angel and 
the Lamb...


Now - all this time - as if struck dumb - with big eyes open wide 
The little lamb was crouched in awe - by the donkey's side .
But now he felt he had to ask - with all the courage he could find 
Something of the angel - that was pressing on his mind .
He'd listened very carefully - to what the donkey had to say 
But - now he wondered why it was - that he was here - this special day.
He was such a very little lamb - not big  - or strong - or wide 
And he couldn't carry heavy loads - or give a mighty King a ride .
In fact - he even questioned - what use was he at all ?
And - how could God - have a special place - for one so weak and small ?

The angel bent down slowly - and took the lamb into his arms 
Speaking very softly - so as not to cause alarm .
Quietly - and with a smile - he spoke - into the trembling creature's ear 
Little lamb - so precious -  God holds you very dear .
One day - the Baby to be born - in this very stall 
Will give His life - on a wooden cross - a sacrifice for all .
But - God Himself will raise Him up - from that rugged tree
And seat Him on a Kingly throne - for all eternity .

Yet - first He had to come to earth - disguised in a baby's skin 
Dependant on a mother - to feed and nurture Him 
And - as He grows up strong and kind - obedient and good 
He'll listen to these earthly ones - as any child should .
But - all the time He'll hear a higher call -  one  that's calm - and still
And - with delight - He will obey that voice - and do 
His Heavenly Father's will.

Knowing that there will come a day - that will lead Him to the place 
Where Heaven and Hell will fight  ' til death - for the human race .
And - even when the sky is dark - and the Righteous One is 
Thrown down - to the ground.
God will wait His moment - when He hears that final victory sound .
' It is Finished - Father - I give all I am - to You '
Then God will shake the earth - and rend the Temple curtains - into two.
Death will be defeated - the grave will lose its sting 
And Heaven's gates - will be opened wide - to receive its glorious King .

But - when you see Him seated - on His Majestic Throne 
He tells us - we will see Him - as a wounded - stricken lamb.
Yes - a Lamb as if it has been slain - for all who would believe 
Sacrified for humankind - for all men to receive .

So - little ones - who seem so helpless - remember this today
God chose a Lamb - as a sacrifice - as the price He had to pay 
Not gold  - or costly jewels - nor the mightiest of men 
But - as a lamb and as a little child  - He bids us now to come .
And - like those animals - within that stall - make room for Him within
Come share your heart - with the God of Love - who'll take away your sin 

He came to be our sacrifice - and lift all that weighs us down -

So - Trust Him now - with all your life -

LIke - the Donkey - and the Lamb.


I truly hope you enjoyed this little story for Christmas -
and - like the donkey and the lamb - you will trust the 
Lord with your life . 

Have a very blessed Christmas ....in Jesus' name .

with love from Stella x


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