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A   U.S.A. Sniper's Tale

As I sit here anxiously waiting, it seems as if I've been sitting in this exact same  position for hours amongst hours. But training has taught me with body the mind has power. I sit here in the jungle's brush camouflaged as if  I've been painted into the jungle's scenery. My body aches from a itch I dare not scratch because the enemy is near and if I'm spotted I will most definitely be killed. Like a volcanic eruption my adrenaline rushes as I look down my scope's sights and see a few 100 yards distance between me and my enemy. With my finger on the trigger, my heart pounds, as time whines down, I know it about to be a epic showdown. I hone my senses in on my enemy and block out all other imagery of the jungle, its vegetation, and its sights and sounds. I use my thumb to wipe away the bead of sweat that trickles down to my right eye, as I look down my scope's sights and see the white within my enemy's eyes. Yet I keep my composure for the big ambush. It's show time, as I give my trigger a good squeeze hitting my mark with deadly precision and precise ease. As I watch the corpse's head whip back and fall to the ground total chaos begins. Our enemies shoot at us through the jungle, sawing through the  vegetation like a hot knife through butter with each round they fire. At this point they have us pinned, as I think to myself is this really the end. I watch as I see my brothers shot, blown to bits, and swallowed back into the jungle, I feel a sense of hunger for  vengeance. So I reload my weapon and  proceed to fire, hitting enemy upon enemy, bullets piercing their fronts and exiting their backs, planting a perfect garden of death. While giving protective cover for my band of brothers like a guardian angel from above. The smell of gun smoke lingers through the air as the sound of thunder roars from bullets and grenades despite this situation it sounds like a independence day parade. Then without any warning a sense of calm takes shift in the air and all the sounds of thunder and ricocheting bullets take cease within the air. No man left alone, is what I shout to my brothers as we gather our dead and injured to take back home. The fog of the gun smoke starts to clear within the air as we see the remnants of our enemy's shadows headed to the hills. Headed to the hill they may, to lick their wounds to fight another day, but today is our day, and I'm proud to say, that I will live, fight, and die for my country. For I am a SNIPER FOR THE U.S. OF A.

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A U.S.A. Sniper's Tale



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