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Talking Breakdown Blues

Ive got the broken down car
Can't walk to far on icy street
Having trouble keeping my feet
In slippery shoes low down blues

She picked me up for our Tuesday walk
Just a nice little ramble with lots of talk,
So we're driving along steady and nice,
Winter sunshine so looking out for ice,
But oh my lord we didn't get very far
I was pretty certain she stalled the car
And there we were before you could blink
Stopped on a roundabout like a skating ring
Everybody in a rush that time of day
No room for us as we pushed it away
Slowly,steadily, trying not to ignore
Traffic passing us by with a steady roar
And oh my lord I thought we'd be sorry
So  narrowly missed by an impatient lorry.


The breakdown company said they'd be here
But not for a while as they weren't very near
And I said dear give the motor a try
I think it was flooded, now should be dry
She turned the key, the starter gave a whir
And all of a sudden we had power there
So we told the breakdown, still on the way
Not to come now as we seemed ok
And off we went cos I'd solved it all
But you heard that bit about pride and a fall
Oh the triumph in her eyes
As I started to apologies
And I lost the rest of good name
Exonerating her from any blame


So we called the breakdown once again
Said they'd be here but didn't know when
Sat there in the cold by the roadside
Both bemused at our interrupted ride.
And out of the window we could see
A very kind lady bringing us tea
So very  welcome and hot to sup
Warming our hands on the hot hot cup
The breakdown man said an engine fault
Was the probable cause of our sudden halt
And he followed us home just  in the event
The recalcitrant motor stuttered and went
And the triumphal look in her eyes
As I ate my piles pf humble pies


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Talking Breakdown Blues