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I've sat and pondered and prayed today
To wake up to such a unbelievable event
That some monster could kill children

What could these innocent kids have done
That they would have their lives ended
Especially in such a manner as this

These cowards who would kill so many
That have never done a thing to them
Then they commit suicide to escape

Not wanting to spend life in prison
To pay for the crime they have done
Suicide is a lowly cowards way out

If you were going to kill yourself
Why didn't you go out in the woods
You are the lowest form of life

I will pray for all of these innocent victims
For their families left behind in total ruin
The killer may you burn in hell for eternity

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

I have seen death up close and personal many times in my life
and I have seen cowards and I have seen heroes as well, I can
tell you that this individual that perpetrated this massacre
of all these innocent human beings today at Sandy Hook School
was the lowest form of a coward known to all of mankind and
I can only hope that he will pay for all eternity for this act.
I also know what a hero is especially those heroes who have
willing sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of others,
The teachers and staff at Sandy Hook School sacrificed their
own lives to protect and save their children from this killer.
There were many more teachers and staff who also were heroes
and had survived along with their children because of their
quick actions to deny the killer access to these children. I
know that in the coming days, weeks and months they will all
face what is called survivors guilt for having lived through
this massacre while their friends, fellow staff members and
students did not survive. They will need all the love and all
the support they can get from their families, friends and the
community in general. Make no mistake, they are all heroes in
my eyes and in our nations eyes. Most importantly we must all
support these innocent children who have gone through the very
worst possible trauma anyone could face, especially a child.
Please keep them all in your thoughts and your prayers always.

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