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Why Father? The School Shooting

Why Father, did Twenty Precious babies go to school today and never come home?
Why are there scores of families now that feel lost and alone?

Why is there today, a mother that can't hug her son,
and a father who can't tuck his daughter in tonight,
his cherished and precious one?

What did these young Angels do that they had to die today?
Couldn't you have stopped it in some manner, in some way?

Our hearts are heavy today with a loss that we feel as our own, But deep in my soul tonight, I know that You have never left us alone.

I was so busy with trying to understand why, that as soon as I stopped my prayers for them tonight, I heard You cry.

Any good family would do all in their power to save their own, to keep them safe and give them a good and loving home.

All of us parents here on this earth would do this, and never ask why, and so tonight, I heard you cry.

You created us all to love and protect our daughters and sons, but what about You, who willingly gave YOUR Precious One.

What did He do on earth during His stay
That He had to die for that day?

What He did on this earth that fateful day, gave us all the right to say, that You are our TRUE Father, in each and every way.

All of those children who died today
Were your Sons and Daughters too, in a very Special way.

So how can a loving Father like You so great
Not also feel the loss, the Burdon and the weight?

You made me see through our talk today
that You have the answers, You know the way

I thank you So Much and I'll never know why
You gave me the honor of hearing you cry.

Danny Fisher
December 14th 2012

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Why Father? The School Shooting

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