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Hope for Tomorrow
There are no words
No way to begin to explain
The horror
The shock
The pain
No way to begin to grasp
How can this happen
What were they thinking
What could have possibly been their reason
No way to even start
To find a way
To why
There are some moments
Where time itself
Seems to stop
Frozen in disbelief
Of what a single man
Can do
Brave men cry
Innocent children die
And all are reminded
That yes, evil can walk amongst us
And come in any shape
Or form
Like far too many days past
We are left battered
Our worlds shattered
Our dream of security lies in pieces
Around us
For we are all reminded
No one
Or no place
Is ever truly safe
Father and mothers
Sisters and brothers
Friends and family
And even strangers
Seeking comfort
Not knowing
When or how this might come
There are no words today
No quick fix
For the tear in this fabric
With time
And most important
We will find a way to form stitches
The wound will close
Yet there will be scar
That remains
We will all deal with what has been taken
But deep down
We all also realize
We can never replace
All that has been lost
Today was one of those days
For which there are truly
No words
Only tears
And finally hope
Hope for a better

Ed Roberts 12/14/12

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Hope for Tomorrow