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They're trying to control us
with that ancient liquor
They got these powerless puppets
propped up, stopped up,
Getting sicker, they want us all knocked up
and labelled with that dummy sticker
In life and death it's about God and self 
so watch out the plot gets thicker
Got'em tied up in the Gordian knot
I'm not one of your prided up robots
So I'm going to take my shots
Peep out, the seats are out for these pigs
These sellouts got the surf's up
They want to keep us syruped up
Evil running over in the cup,
They got their fingers on the trigger
in the conspiracy, don't be inferior  
Man can't speak truth
until man is truly free 
with the material,
So take off that wig
I see you watching
so I'll be slicker
The promised land ain't the promised land
until you blow that dust out the man
I gonna build this bridge
even quicker 
with strength superior,
and make y'all show y'all hand
because I'm your enemy, you know what you did
Free will wrapped up in that plastic hype,
all thick and gummy
Pick up this knowledge
and put down that pipe
Yes it's tight, but don't be a dummy
Only fools let blind men lead them,
feed them that dark light
These fools running
with those locusts in their heads
I know they're scared
The babies are barely fed, that said
They chose this plight
We're living in these sick times
with these sick minds,
Trifocals vision blind all through the night
They think they know what's gonna happen
but they truly don't
It's a secret secret inside a secret 
so they'll never truly know what they want
Sick souls troubled holes
in the earth on the earth
Shackled forever
under a mad man's curse
Copyrights 2013  
Robert Anthony James

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