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Well what do you know, we wake up this morning and the world is still here
and as imperfect as it may be, we can now all continue on to more important
things that really do affect us all in our daily lives instead of all these
claims "THE WORLD IS ENDING" and let's all start to take a serious look at
what is reality here on our planet and individual nations and try to solve
these real problems facing all of us. May you have a very Merry CHRISTmas
and a very Happy New Year in 2013, I also hope we can learn to be civil to
each other both here and in our own daily lives and that even if we don't
agree with others in life that at the very least we can agree to disagree
about our own views and values in life without resorting to killing each
other here on planet Earth. There has always been fighting and there have
been too many senseless and insane wars with those in life who don't agree
with each others beliefs and values in life. Let's all try to make 2013 a
better year and to try to live in peace with each other on this planet we
all call home. Try also to remember that nobody hates wars more than those
who are sent to fight them and to restore the peace in the world, not all
warriors love to kill people as some still say to this day, but sometimes
we are forced to do so by the aggressors who are trying to invade nations
and we who were sent to protect and defend the innocent victims from these
aggressors trying to kill them are just trying to do what is necessary to
stop the aggressors from killing them. Whether people want to admit it or
not, we do what is required to save these victims and many warriors have
saved more lives than we have ever been forced to take while protecting
them from the aggressions directed at them, their families or their own
nations. Let 2013 be the year that we end all wars and learn to live with
each other in peace on this planet. Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior

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