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In a world filled with madness and sadness and horrors galore.
Each and every day there's those that strive for more.
Killers, robbers, and rapists that leave us in pain or in strife.
Without any concern for another humans life.
Is it the parents? The teachers? The news? The movies? Or the video games?
Or is the answer quite simply theirs those that are insane.
Insane with jealousy, insane with power and lust.
Insane with thoughts and emotions that no one can trust.
Whether they grab a gun, a ball bat, a fork or a knife.
If it's their intention they'll wound or take life.
There's never been a murder once that didn't involve a human hand.
No matter what we try to outlaw they'll still take their stand
Maybe it's time to look forward and not back.
Time to recognize those ready to crack.
Some people will call 911 when their cats high up in a tree,
and let a distraught person with dangerous warning signs simply be.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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