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Thank You for My Birthday  (Capricornus)

I wake and see
the sky is blue
oh happiness,
its cloudless too
the very shade of my eyes
the sun it rose with quiet and
silent repose
the world awoke non-violent.
A hush, it grew into
something approximating joy.
But soon, I knew, hopefully too,
the raucous and the glee would start.
For today is the day
that I was born and for once the entire world
would do its part
to celebrate
my beginnings.
I once again began to know
the yearly yearnings of my
birthday heart.

(Soon  in the street, I heard the tuning of instruments...)

A marching band in technicolor array
making complicated patterns as they played
all of my favorite songs.
I kept time with my tapping feet
as they briskly marched up and down my street,
I believe my heart was skipping
to each beat
my mood was broad and generous
matching my smile.

And every stranger I happened to meet
gave me a little bow and greet,
Birthday Greetings,
to one so sincerely sweet.
Even if they were exagerating a bit,
It felt fine and good.

A bakery van pulled up next
with a jolly wide man
who started unloading
a move-able feast...
double fudge puddle cakes,
nine mile pies,
and plum duff puddings
to saucer your eyes,
with hard rum sauce for each and every piece.
Enough to share and some to take home
for every impromptu guest
who chanced to saunter down my street.
And a sparkler candle for
every yummy dish
so that each new guest could make his
or her wish,
and bisquits for the dogs, catnip mouses for the cats,
for I wanted to share the bounty and
the bliss of so fine a blue-sky day,
and that was that!

The birds began to follow me, as well,
and then began to sing their jocund tunes.
A bird-like version of Happy Birthday To You.
I relished every twittering
and tweet tweet tweet and coo coo coo.
Who could not be happy when they heard
the trilling song of each carolling bird?
Birds, one and all, giving to me Spring in December.
What a priceless gift.
A divine birthday chorus to repeat
and mull over in my mind
a fine memory to remember
and to sift
as all Winter's children do.

And then the dogs, the cats of the neighborhood,
even the wilder animals stepped out of the wood,
and smiled,
then joined in, each in their own way.
The dogs, they barked and bayed,
the cats, they purred and played,
even the raccoons clapped their child-like paws.
I think I even saw Fantastic Mr. Fox
drop a local chicken from his jaws,
just to bow low in my direction...
I stood, lingering in the chilly December air
in nodding appreciation and silent awe.
The kind one feels at the

I lingered until
all the stars greeted a half moon
around which the icy moon dogs ran.
Most of the guests had come and gone
and so had the jolly baker and his bakery van.

Looking up, the stars were twinkling
brighter just for me.
And higher still blinked a single star
who assured me He was there,
the day
I was born...
And had witnessed all the goings on,
how my Mother had labored on for
almost three days until in her arms
a new child lay
with golden hair and an azure gaze.

Star so brightly burning
you granted today my birthday yearnings,
so with each new year I can feel
the celebration
of each year
that has piled up and made
my life.

The Star winked directly back at me.
It was my answer.
The Universe and chance had
brought to me.
Here in this place where I am today.
I am blessed and grateful.
Thank you for the miracle
of my Birthday.

Some of this is a bit of nostalgic silliness and
wishing I could create my own magical birthday kingdom of sorts.
I hope it gives you a smile or two or three.
Copyright December 28, 2012
All Rights Reserved By this Author and Birthday Girl
Happy Birthday to Me.
Melissa A Howells / Meloo straight from her Tilt-a-World

*The "Star" is capitalized but it is intentionally personified.

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Thank You for My Birthday (Capricornus)



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