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Here's to the workers of Christmas
Away from husbands, lovers, wives
There to provide those services
Essential to our modern style lives.

So, here's to the the surgeon, the doctor,
Nurses, cleaners, porters and clerks
And those maintenance personnel
Who ensures that every thing works.

Those in the emergency services,
Firemen, ambulance, police,
And all those other people
That help us holiday in peace.

Not forgetting those in the Forces
Fighting for a dubious cause
Sent there by the politicians, few
Of whom have experience of wars.

A period of conspicuous consumption,
A period of spend spend spend,
The lifeblood of commerce and business
That finally crawls to its end.

And it's back to the usual grind
But with a feeling of cheer;
Perhaps this time it'll be different,
Perhaps this time a good new year.

Gradually disillusion sets in until
About the start of September, when
The whole process of Christmas
Inexorably starts up all over again.

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