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The Moon Is Hope

The Moon
in a mystery of inky black
reminds me of hope
so far off
when we are far gone.

The Moon...
A token, a golden coin
to put in our pockets to keep
for luck or for harder days
when we have chance to weep
or scorn what we've just passed through.
But, when we felt lost
we find it shimmering
in our pockets.

The Moon is
Hope,  whether its scope...
is a thin sliver rocking
precariously on its back
or a full circlet of glee...
I can reach my hand up high for thee
and help is given unto me.

A glimmering of radiance
caught between the frame of my two hands.
Is there a Man on the Moon?
Is He the Hope of all
who dare and dream again?

Those of us
who grab at the skies and stars.
The Moon brings harvests
of Hope to any who shiver in the dark
and those of us who barely cope.

But though it be a
a beacon or a sliver,
the Moon is a
a promise and a return
a constancy
that burns
that HOPE can be.

Dear Moon,
I will give my trust
and launch it up
like a rocket to the skies.

Copyright December 29, 2012   All Rights Reserved By this Author
Melissa A Howells/Meloo from her Tilt-a-World
Inspired by the pictures of Jamie Montoya and her friendship and
also to ALL of my friends and to the moon who give me hope.

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