Melissa A. Howells

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 I Live In A Place Where No Brave People (Of Fine Reputation) Dare Dwell

Come into the shadows
and hold my hand
if you dare
stay with me
match all my cares
even if its hard for you
to understand.

Yes its dark in here
I've been parked in here
a long long time.
Its a kind of forgetful
forgotten thinking where
you wish you'd loose your mind.
Because thoughts can be painful.
Thoughts can thorn-prick.
Thoughts of mine, thoughts of others,
in my past, have made me sick.
Especially when I'd listened to what's underneath.
And to the darkness in there.

Come into my shadow and try to breathe.
I have been here
living within my shadow mind. I don't often leave.
Its quiet and lonely. Its unfashionably unrefined.
Its a place which most good people of reputation avoid
or people who attach themselves to the notion of
good. Rarely do they want to associate with my
kind. I haven't the time
for them, either.

I invite you to stay here
because I think you would
stay here with me
in my sorrow til I could stand up.
Walk out of here,
find a better place in tomorrow land.
Are you brave? Are you kind? Are you the sort that
about your reputation?

Are you the one who I can trust to
stay on?
When all the others have long gone?
Come into the shadows.
I think you dare.

(ah, thank-you)

Its nice to be remembered.
To know one of you has cared.

Melissa A Howells/Meloo from her tilt-a-world
reworked from an old piece of musing from a long time ago
tucked into a favorite book from the 1990's.
So I'll say Copyright 1990's All Rights Reserved by this Author
And dedicate it to my coming out of the shadows.

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