once upon a time
john Mc Guckin
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I’m sitting here existing.
Although if I think, therefore I am,
How do we know we really exist?
I could be an extension of someone else
I can pinch myself, stab myself,
But if I don’t feel anything-oops
Then I wonder do I really exist.

Okay I think, therefore: - I am
Says who, me, you, how do you know.
I think I don’t exist, so prove me wrong.
If I’m emotionally dead, I don’t exist.
Not true you’re walking around, am I.
are you sure I’m not a figment of your
think about it, do any of us exist, I don’t.
Do you, can you convince me otherwise
Can’t, ah ha I don’t exist, all around me is myth.
But if there is myth, maybe I did exist.
Okay I’ll think about morphing into reality.
my reality is, i think i'm existing.

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