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crow girl in tuxedo

knew I was rebellious
indifferent to conformity
couldn't live in a sorority
follow in the deep groves
of my Mother's

its been my song
to be a kind of criminal
if not in deed,
in thought
I'm not smoothly satin enough
won't go along to pretend
won't pander to the "oughts"
not going
through the notions of emotional

hide my standard deviations from The Norm.

(And...Who is this Norman, anyway?)

some beasts wear different spots
some wear disguises on the outside,
not within
I won't pretend to be so complicated that
others will like me and want to hang out
and smoke
or swill gin
thinking something about me will rub onto them
I'm not the new prankster
the latest joke.

once, along time ago,
I was meandering,
just enjoying the ride
pedaling my 10-speed bike in a long-tailed
Zoot-suit pants
a twenty-something
a swooping Crow-Woman-Kid
having a day of fun...

when some good ole
boys came along in a truck...
tried to run me over
just to get closer
look-see at what
they thought
I was.

as if a girl has to be prissy
and dress up in gauze
and pearls
why couldn't i ride my bike
dressed as who I was?

as I rode I hummed a favorite tune:
(it seemed right for the moment,
no finer day than the 20th of June)

"But they send me away to teach me how to be
sensible, logical, responsible, practical..." **

I was zig-zagging making Ess patterns
across the width of the sidewalk
as I crossed the muddy Red River
when those bad boys honked.

no Maam, no sir,
no one likes to be shoved into a box
ticky-tacky tuck-in-your-attitude looks
a box where everyone must match
just like the school picture books

but not me
I stuck out my tongue with glee
tipped my veiled black pillbox hat
screamed "WHAT" so loud
they seemed mightily taken aback
which made me laugh
and laugh
all the
way to the bar.

when I crossed the bridge
into Fargo
I had a celebratory beer
a real cold one
in a frosted glass
and I thought on what had
just passed,
and I smiled
like a jack o' lantern.

** The Logical Song by Supertramp from Copyrighted material by
Songwriters Richard Davies, Roger Hodgson, Jorge Martinez

Copyright Jan 5, 2012  All Rights Reserved By Author
Melissa A Howells/Meloo/ Tilt-a-World

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