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Platinum Membership includes all the features available to Poetry Prime Poets on PoetryPoem plus the following:

YourDomain.com We’ll work to obtain an available name for your poetry site. Once we have it setup, users will access your poetry by going to YourDomain.com. Your domain will point to your poetry as long as you are a Platinum Member.
Your email address at poetry@YourDomain.com For example, poetry@jackkays.com. This will allow you to send and receive email using an email account associated with YourDomain.com. Restrictions apply.
Photo Album Share photos with an Online Photo Album. This makes it easier to add photos to your poems. Restrictions apply.
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Platinum Membership includes a domain name credit.  We will work to obtain an available .com domain name for you.  For example, JacksPoems.com is a domain name.  A member of the crew will act as your agent to register a .com domain name for your site using our registration information and your PayPal payment address and contact information. You must agree to our registrar’s Universal Terms of Service and other Legal Agreements.  Your subscription to Platinum Membership tells us you agree to these and PoetryPoem.com’s terms.  You can cancel at any time without refund of payments using your PayPal account. If you cancel and we registered a domain name as your agent, you must request a domain name transfer of your domain name before the end of your subscription period if you want to keep the domain name. We charge $20 USD to process domain transfers. Your domain name registrar may also charge a transfer fee. If you pay with PayPal, you must cancel with PayPal using your PayPal account.

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