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No Way for Rachel-Like

“No Way for Rachel-Like”
Written by Loi in January 1, 2013

My father, Jehovah,
I read the love story
About Jacob and Rachel

Jacob traveled to East
And met the shepherds
Of Haran
They knew Laban
And told Jacob
That Rachel was a daughter of Laban
Jacob was so happy to meet Rachel

Jacob kissed Rachel
And cried
He told her
That he was a son of Rebekah
Rachel ran home
And told her father

When Laban heard Jacob's news,
He ran to meet Jacob
Laban hugged Jacob and kissed him
He welcomed Jacob to his house
Jacob told Laban everything that had happened
Laban then told Jacob was wonderful
Jacob was from Laban's own family
So he stayed with him for one month

Rachel was beautiful
That Jacob loved her
He wanted to marry her
He told Laban that
Laban said that at first Jacob had to work
With him for 7 years

After 7 years,
Jacob finished his job
So Laban gave a party for all the men
In his work site
In that night
That night,
Laban brought his older daughter, Leah to Jacob
And Jacob had sex with Leah
The next day,
Jacob saw Leah
And felt fooled
Laban tricked Jacob
Why Laban did that?

Cos Haran did not allow the younger daughter
To marry
Before the older daughter

No way for I am Rachel-Like
I'm older
Why can't I marry before my younger brother, YZ?
Jehovah, I am not stupid on men
Oh, no way for I am Rachel-Like

Aye, aye
No way for I am Rachel-Like
I'm older
Period to the emotional unlike you
They brainwashed me
And made me a celibate lady
But they know that in my fast belief,
I am not Rachel-Like