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Star Gazing Live

There are seventeen billion planets
That's what astronomers now say
There are seventeen billion planets
And that's just in our own Milky Way.
Is god still in his heaven,
Now maybe in deepest space,
For surely there is other life:
We can't still be the only place.

Each planet earth like
As far as they can tell
Our instruments and distances
Don't let us see them very well.
Maybe just maybe
A few host life
Maybe just maybe
The phenomenon is rife.

Perhaps there is reason in distance
For at our present travel rate
There is no way that we can reach
For us to contaminate.
In time we may mature
Learn wisdom, understanding, grace
Maybe there will be a brotherhood
In which we can take a place.

Until then we can only wonder
And let our instruments speak
Until they confirm or not
Whether we are a unique.
With seventeen billion planets,
In other galaxies maybe more
We have time to learn humility
As we plan to evaluate and explore.

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Star Gazing Live