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We have been open in speaking,
For the focus you are seeking;
The direction you wish to go,
That only God would ever know.
It is good to have honesty,
As being your best policy;
And what is placed within your heart,
That you will be free to impart.
We will not be cutting you out,
So please do not have any doubt;
Your emotions do interfere,
While we are being sincere.
I talk like you were a child,
Well disciplined also mild;
The same as how God would treat you,
Just like a child that God guides through.

Make a place for us in your heart,
While we prepare to depart;
To meet Christians everywhere,
As we show them how much we care.
Stop befriending unbelievers,
Since most of them are deceivers;
It is like mixing wrong with right,
Or blending darkness in the light.
Some things cannot go together,
Just like hot and snowy weather;
Liberal and conservative,
Or perverse and cooperative.

Copyright © 2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Christians and Relationships