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Has God place something on you heart that you need to do

How can you be sure it was God who spoke to you

Ever read the story of a certain man name Cornelius

How God gave him confirmation that the voice he heard was His

First thing is to note is the behavior of this man

And how he first became aware of the Masters plan

The bible says that Cornelius was in constant prayer

He feared the Lord and gave to His cause to show that he cared

Cornelius honored God, and lived to please Him so

That when the angel appeared in a vision he couldn’t help but know

At the same time the Lord prepared Peters heart for His plan

By showing him in a vision that His salvation was for every man

The bible says by two or three God does confirm His word

When we listen in the spirit the His direction will be heard

It may be a person, may be a message, it may even be a song

God may even speak through a child the word for which we long

Take a look at Peter who was even more close to God

Yet even he thought the message in his vision was odd

But both of these men had a relationship the Lord of host

And if you would hear from Him you have to draw close

In order to get the confirmation that God orders you steps

You need to know more about His word than the scripture “Jesus wept”

Get in His house, around His people, where His presence is strong

Where you will find the confirmation you need to move on

Get familiar with His voice so familiar in fact

That no matter what enemy arises your faith is still in tact

So when things don’t seem to be going quite as planned

You know by His confirmation you are able to stand,



J. Moore




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