The Poetic Diary of Loi

Past is Past

“Past is Past”
Written by Loi in January 4, 2013

Noki want to have more times
With me
And I have a big time
With her
Why can't I have more times for myself?

Cos I emerged from my own
Due to my money problems
That I can't live alone
But I want to live alone
And so I can have nobody bother me

I want to live alone
But I have to live with my parents
And my sister, too
Cos I have no money which you
“You Bond take my money away from me
You are a ****
You are a witch
That is happy for me to emerge from your state

Bond, you treat me a little girl
But I'm not a little girl!
I'm a woman that take care of herself
But then, you turned me back to my parents' home
You need to know yourself
Cos my business is M.Y.O.B
Mind your own business
You are so mean
That uses me for money
And ruin my dream of vacation and man
You are not like a woman
You are not like a woman that pays by herself
Why can't you be satisfied to me renting your home?
You have a job
And I don't
But listen to me that you won't
Be a grown up woman
You know how to pay yourself
More than I rent your home”

But now on I need to let Bond go
And forget about her
Because past is past

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