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During long nights of watching the barbed wire
The sentry dogs were always our best defense
Their sense of smell and hearing had warned us

When Charlie (the VC) came sneaking up on us
The sentry dogs gave their handlers a warning
And then they in turn would alert us sentries

They may have been well hidden from our sight
But these sentry dogs were never once fooled
There were suddenly flares lighting the night

At that point the VC knew they had been detected
And there was no way they would sneak by any of us
So at this point they'd either charge at us or flee

Many owed their lives to these sentry dog teams
God knows just how much we sentries loved them
They were the best and they had saved many lives

There could never be a more loyal partner ever
We were very lucky to have these sentry dogs
They feared nothing and were the best partners  

They gave us great confidence while out there
They'd detect any enemy who was ready to strike
Planning to fire their mortars and rockets at us

They didn't always get the attention of the media
After all they weren't news worthy to any of them
But to all of us who defended the line they were

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

During our time at war the government wouldn't let these brave
sentry dogs return home to America, they were considered to be
to dangerous to fit back into civilian life after their service and
many were later put to sleep after several tours of duty. I am very
happy that today these K-9 dogs are not only bought back home to
America, but are also adopted out after their own service to our
nation and many have been adopted by their former handlers who'd
return home from war and were going back to civilian life which
is a perfect match for both these former warriors and these very
brave and extremely loyal sentry dog partners who saved lives.

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