Walkin on Air

Special Sermon

And so I went to Church
to read the bulletin;
‘twas here I found my niche
for joy without the sin.

In letters plain the herald said
what typists interpret would
from social fountains deep
they interpret could:
reviving extinct dodos
with very simple typos!

Our church's new TITHING promise:
‘Pastor upped his amount of troth –
Up yours!'

… place donations in envelopes
along with the deceased
person you want remembered…

The Fasting & Prayer Conference
includes meals.

Low Self Esteem Support Group meets 7 PM.
Please use the back door.

The ladies of the Church
have cast off clothing of every kind.
They may be seen in the basement
on Friday afternoon.

Now there I had my sermon sweet
with social interaction,
no need for Facebook or any Tweet
or religious attraction…

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Special Sermon

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