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You are a good servant of Christ,
And willing to be sacrificed;
Being nourished within the Word,
Adhering all that you have heard.
Point out to sisters and brothers,
As well as to any others;
Excellent teachings that they sought,
Jesus Christ had already bought.
In the Christian faith it is free,
Salvation for both you and me;
If studied and followed inside,
Throughout the Word that you abide.
Do not listen to godless myths,
Of some worshiped at monoliths;
Rather train for a godly life,
And endure through the times of strife.
Body training helps a little,
But you do need a committal;
Godly living every way,
Never enticed to go astray.
Do not let anyone look down,
And make a smile of that frown;
Speak of faith purity and love,
How it keeps flowing from above.
Devote your life and practice much,
God will embrace with His soft touch;
To them so that others may see,
Your focus and what they can be.

Copyright ©  2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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