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F-ANSI Boys 2

Mercure Kasern Redeveloped

There's a golf course now
where once the aerials stood
wide open to the skies but
encircled by the same wood.
The clubhouse stands
on the old Ops Block site,
where we struggled to stay
awake many a long night.
Troop Sarn't Major prowling,
tiredness overcome by fear
as we logged the morse
pinging away in each ear.

There's a large patch of grass
in place of the parade square,
enough to give any drill pig
a nervous nightmare.
I cant picture the Wrackery,
any of the other billet blocks,
and I'm wandering around
in a slight state of near shock.
I can't find the cookhouse,
cinema or Corporal's mess;
memory has let me down
I have to reluctantly confess.

The old fence is there still,
but the guardroom has gone;
she served her purpose but
now the world has moved on.
Soon she'll disappear
at a fast increasing rate
swallowed up under
a modern housing estate.
I hope she's not forgotten
though not needed any more.
for she played her part well
in the heat of the cold war.

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F-ANSI Boys 2