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"Whispers Of Worship"

The Long Leaf Pine
Here is to the land
of the long leaf pine,
The summer land
where the sun doth shine,
Where the weak grow strong
and the strong grow great,
Here's to "down home"
The Old North State
When the morning star's sing together
and all the Sons of GOD shouted for joy
sing unto the Lord a new song
for He hath done marvelous things
His right hand and His holy arm
hath gotten Him victory

Which ever name it has been called it lives up to it's name
The home of high mountains where the air is fresh and cool.
Where high above the world the wind sings of it's beauty and
wildness to whoever cares to set and listen. And feel it's haunting
Memories and peace and freedom where the circle of life is ever
changing. Where the bear and dear and mountain lions still roam
eagles nest in the high trees. And the sheer rock cliffs shine in the sun.
The beauty of the rhododendrons the wild flowers when in bloom.
That grow along the long twisting mountains roads and trails.
The home of beautiful valleys and long winding rivers
with names like the The Toe River and French Broad River.
The Big Pigeon are river's with a story to tell all their own
giant water fall's and cool water from nature made fountains.
It still holds the memory of a war that brought hate and
cruelty.To it's peaceful mountain life and homes of the people
who's ancestors came here for a better life and live free .
The ghost's from the past still remind us of the cost
that still comes and go's as in the days of old.
Mount Mitchell the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi
rises so tall and proud in all it's splendor beauty and glory.
Dressed in fur and balsam trees that touch the clouds
and there up high among the clouds and singing wind.
rest Elisha Mitchell in peace on the Mountain that carry his name.
He looks down from his place in the sun at his beautiful mountain.
and all it's wild beauty only God has a name for his work
A mortal man has no words great enough for the beauty
The Grandfather Mountain is an old man
of the mountain's and has it's own kind of beauty and a reputation.
famous for it's shape and hosting folks from all over the nation
once ever year Old Grandfathers heart sings and ears rings.
With game's sound of bag pipes and all kind of music and dancing
laughter singing and eating and children playing all kind of things.
He was home to the Cherokee the Yeatkins and Catawba's Indians
their spirit still walk the trails of old and sit around campfires.
They tell stories of great deeds of their ancestors of old
and their heart cry with loss so great it can never be told.
Brown Mountain Of North Carolina
is said to be shaped like a horse shoe and is 2,600 feet high
and home of the famous Brown Mountain Light's.
The mysterious ball's of light have kept their secret close and
have puzzled scientist for years. No one knows why the mysterious
ball's of light have been doing their thing over Brown Mountain.
Since old time they have come out of hiding from time to time
over the years. As one legends goes it's the ghost of the American
Indian's who lived hunted and died there. But no one knows the real
reason why since the days of old their story remains a mystery no
one has solved. Standing on Jonas Ridge on a clear dark night
looking at the sky over Brown Mountain.Some people say they
have seen the lights and others have not. Sometime mother nature
gives us a mystery that starts our imagination working over time
God made man in His own Image
and gave him mysterious~North Carolina.


Beautiful Sig
Whispers Of worship
By Marvaline
Poem By
Clara Strickland Brinkley
All Rights Reserved
To the person who wrote
I thank you it is very beautiful

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