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The Content And The Character Of Our Current Leader



Those who forget the lessons of history will be doomed
to repeat those lessons again, this political cartoon is
from a 1934 edition of the Chicago Tribune Newspaper.
Could this be where Mr.Obama came up with his plan for
America's recovery from? Maybe that was really what he
always planned on from the beginning, being the first
Dictator in America and that's why he wasn't so worried
about getting re-elected to a second term as President.
Is it because his plans have always been to get rid of
the Constitution and the Bill of Rights so he will be
able to declare himself Dictator For Life????????

They say that you can judge a man by his character
Those things that distinguish him from other men
Those qualities that set him apart from many others

They can be good or they can be not so good things
It's how he presents himself to the rest of the world
With his views and actions that define him in life

We all can have different views and opinions as well
And we can work with each other to help better life
But if you insist it will be your way and no other

That's when the people need to speak up in a democracy
You can't ignore the laws of the land like a dictator
That is why we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights

And that's why you can't have it both ways Mr. President
We are a nation of laws and a melting pot of many people
You can't ram things down peoples throats to get your way

You and your Czars can't always play the race card on us
If Americans speak out in defense of our own Constitution    
And the laws that have kept all of us here free and safe

When you allow for no other opinions or views to be voiced
Quickly labeling people as racists or radical troublemakers
For exercising their Constitutional rights to free speech

Then you're guilty of trying to have it both ways Mr. President
You can't be a Democratically elected President for all of us
When acting like a dictator whose trashing the US Constitution

 ę Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.


The American people never played the race card when they
elected you to become the President of the United States of
America President Obama, some of us do disagree with you
so we didn't vote for you in either election because we didn't
agree with your own personal views or plans you intended to
carry out in your second term in office as the President if
you were reelected. So please do not slander those of us who
didn't vote for you to have a second term by labeling us as
merely racists or radical troublemakers for having had the
nerve to disagree with your personal views or your own plans
that hurt America and our own citizens. I'm a proud veteran
who has served my nation in Vietnam and it's an insult to me
and all veterans who have served and defended our own nation
to have those in your cabinet and own political party now in
power call those who happen disagree with your leadership as
merely racists or radical troublemakers if we do not happen
to agree 100% with everything you do or say. It's even more
insulting to have your own personally chosen person to run
the Department of Homeland Security speak out against and to
label Vietnam Veterans as one of the biggest threats to the
United States of America, even more so than any other known
terrorist groups in this world. I truly believe this shows
a very serious lack of intelligence and a serious personal
lack of character on your part for allowing this so called
director to have made such a statement about the veterans
who have served our nation with courage, with dignity and
with great honor during that war and for you to allow this
person you chose to remain as Director of the Department of
Homeland Security is not only shocking to us veterans but
should be to all loyal American citizens. Her statements
that she has made and her own views and opinions expressed
about Vietnam Veterans shows a serious lack of intelligence
on both hers and your part for ignoring such inflammatory
views about us veterans and shows a great lack of respect
for those of us who have defended our own nation and also
our citizens and our own allies too and it should not have
been tolerated by you or the citizens of this great nation.
Unless of course it has always been a part of your bigger
plans from the start to weaken America and leave our own
borders unprotected and open to any illegals or terrorists
who want to slip into our country so you can use them later
on to become the very first Dictator of the United States.
So I now ask my fellow citizens wouldn't that then make him
a far much worse danger and threat to our own nation than
any Vietnam Veteran who has served and protected our nation?
Or just maybe he planned all this from the very start,  now
I have to wonder to myself if President Obama will become a
traitor as well in the near future if he tries to carry out
a treasonous act like suspending the Constitution and the
Bill of Rights of all Americans after he's successful taking
away our Second Amendment Rights to own and bear arms
we've had since the start of our nation by our founding fathers
and thereby Obama could then become America's first Dictator
just before the end of his second term in office so as not
to have to give up his power. Just wondering to myself as he's
already in his second term in office after being reelected for
four more years and he and his Czars have already been carrying
out more and more questionable actions that no one seems to want
to publically question fearing being labeled as a racist by his
administration. America you had better wake up from your apathy
before it's too late to save our great nation. God help us all!

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The Content And The Character Of Our Current Leader