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Ten Years Ago

Life and death seem to merge
in this modern media age:
nearly every smart device carrying
it's own portable little stage.
Johnny Cash sings with Highwaymen
his late in life Super Band,
then he's singing songs of his youth
with  just a shake of my hand.

It's very nearly ten years
Since he's been gone
But thanks to the net
His music carries on.
New people hear him,
See a video track,
And a new following grows
For The Man on Black.
I've always believed
No one is ever truly dead
While there's a memory left
In even one admiring head.

Johnny Cash is still with us, though
having long drawn his last breath:
in away the man and his music
seem to have  conquered death.
And I listen to him singing
his  songs of pain, love, and truth
and in my mind he carries me
back into my own long gone youth.

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Ten Years Ago