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Village Picture Show

Percy Barrick was the MC
Sitting halfway up the floor
Harold Gowthorpe as always
Took our money at the door.
(Long before the time of
The Inaptly named new p
We all still dealt in
Good Old l.s.d.)

The kids were in the front row
Where they could be seen
Lively and excited in
Front of the screen.
No cinemascope here
No surround sound
No cinema lights
To be slowly dimmed down.

Just a little white square
By the Village Hall stage
Playing to an audience
Of a very mixed age
Long before the spread
Of the intrusive TV
Our monthly picture show
That most came to see.

You could hear the projector
Whirring quietly away
But apart from that noise
Silence mostly held sway.
Sometimes the film would snap
To be followed by a break then
Until the projectionist
Repaired and got it going again.

You could see the smoke arising
From the cigarettes and pipes
That most adults then used
Depending on their likes.
No nanny state
No lung cancer scare
We all used tobacco
Just because it was there.

At the end of each performance
Percy would propose a vote of thanks
As the audience sat waiting
In appreciative ranks.
Time to go home to the radio
Felling excited and right
Eagerly waiting for
The next village pictures night.

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Village Picture Show