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Soldier, soldier

Soldier, soldier sent to war
Never told what he was fighting for
Saw his comrades killed and maimed
For a cause they never named
By an enemy with no time for
Little things like rules of war
Soldier, soldier, stressed and tired
Didn't think before he fired

Weighted down by constant strife
Said to have wrongly taken life
Judged by a system too far away
From the realities of a combat day
With the luxury of hindsight
And no experience of any firefight
Soldier, soldier judged to have failed
Stripped of rank, discharged and jailed

Soldier, soldier, now filled with hate
Had only tried to protect his mates
Far removed from battlefield's hell
Wondering why he's in that cell
Held before the world a flawed figure
For by instinct pulling a trigger
Soldier, soldier, reduced to status of a zero
Being not long before considered a hero

Soldier, soldier suffering from PTSD
On appeal set quickly free
Surveys the world as a broken man
Tries to survive however he can
With no support, and all alone
Not used to being on his own
Soldier, soldier in mental strife
Finally ends his shattered  life

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Soldier, soldier