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Redundant at fifty, for
The next fifteen years
I went through a series of,
In inverted commas, careers.
I sold double glazing,
Stationery and tea
Off the top of my head
To name just the three.

Been a sales manager,
A company director,
Health and safety trainer,
An NVQ Assessor:
Market Researcher
In its many guises
Not a job that
Gains many prizes:

Knocked on many doors
Walked so many miles
Learned to greet with
Open unforced smiles.
Sold crystal on a market.
In winter that was cold,
And, me being clumsy
Broke more than I sold.

Each change that I made
A definite backward leap
Not a single job that
I'd really wanted to keep.
But my generation
Were all told that we must
Do what we could to
Earn our daily crust.

Along came retirement,
A life free from work strife;
Those last fifteen years were
The best of my working life.
There's a local charity
But I'll not be a volunteer ;
They want full details of
All my working career.

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