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forty percent of marriages end in divorce

forty percent of marriages end in divorce:
i never in my life wanted to take this course:
but the 14th of february at 1330-wil be the court date:
then i will here my fate:
how much of my wages will i have to pay:
and will i be able to afford the place that i now stay:
so many thoughts keep racing through my mind:
peace and rest is hard to find:
i want her to change her mind:
i feel im in a bind:

but i realize this is what she wants a divorce:
for her this is her course:
im thinking of all the kids and holding the family together:
ive felt for years turbulant  weather
my family really will be broken:
we have been a family of ten:
eight kids her and me:
now after almost 36-years she wants to be on her own and free:
never did i want to choose this course:
i never in my life wanted to here the word divorce:

but the reality is staring me in the face:
and is giving me a bitter taste:
i have to turn it over to god and hold onto my peace of mind:
i know with god love i will find:
im trying to hold my head high:
im trying to hold all the tears in and not to cry:
but i know when its over a big part of me will dye:
i am going to deeply sigh:
its gonna be hard to say the final goodbye:
im going to take it very personal and feel a deep loss of pride:
i will blame myself that i lost my bride:

its gonna hurt me pretty bad;
im gonna feel very very sad:
this valentines day oh lord i pray:
please guide thy way:
let me know that you will be near:
let me know god you know all what i fear:

i will try to understand more than to be understood at least:
i will remember father kelly who married us and was our preist:
alot of years we have stood together:
through good and bad weather:
i will never agree to divorce:
it never has been in my vocabulary or an option for my course:

there is no more that i can say or do:
because right now i definately know that she is through:
so even i feel in deep dismay:
to you oh god i humbly pray:

the days get longer and longer as i wait for valentines day:
and im trying my best to make it through some way:

25 january 2013:
john d. jungers

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forty percent of marriages end in divorce