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No More Than Illusion

Momentary Madness

<font face="papyrus">I love you, let me go,

The Snowdrop Softly Sighs

Rekindle ......

<font face="papyrus">A Dream To Remember.....

DOWN SHROPSHIRE WAY, Miss Penelope Reclines!

A Nation Was Wounded ....

Sometimes .... 'Friends' We Know ....

Winter's Hell

Detach .....

Never Speak Again ....

The Final Chapter

Deep, The Silent Thought

The Dew Leaves Its Mark

I Sing September Song

Just Casual Conversation

From A Window

Miss Daisy .....

There's A Feeling

Pre-empts My Thoughts

My City Fair

You Tendered Romance

Think No More (A Sonnet)

Goodnight, Blessed Lady

Beyond Wildest Dreams

Nothing To Say

Call Back In Five

And Yes, I Missed You Too.

The Prophecy


Passed The Test

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