Perry Campanella

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The Neighborhood Gang

Colorful  drapes hung alongside of my narrow window
A small one/bedroom apt. my first - from delivery of newspapers
overlooking a park -  past a spider web - made by a black widow
planted on one pane - I would peer

Children  tossing hoops laughing an bouncing ball would alert me
Time to exercise an maybe get into a game myself
our usual gang - tough competitive group - scrappers see
someone hurting after each game me too

Now at dusk, all this would change - you could hear the voices echo
Off buildings nearby - these same rough guys would sing
singing is what we did in that old park - after dinner with chicko
that boy from Puerto Rico was our leader an could hit all high notes we sang

Windows opened on all the surrounding buildings - families listened too
Only when our sessions were over - we hear Bravo! Chico Bravo!
We sounded like angels in a choir - made us feel proud - cool so true,  
without a doubt we were on top of the world - couldn't wait for tomorrow

Three word prompts used = Window - Angels - Singing