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I Long For The Good Old Days Of The Past

I long for the good old days of the past
When people in general had really cared
Whether family members or our friends

Everyone looked out for each other then
They would help each other when needed
They'd always been there for each other

But everyone is into their own things now
Most times they're to busy to be bothered
Even siblings rarely talk to each other

The world has now become too self centered
What's in it for me is their first thought
If there's no monetary rewards why bother

And on those rare occasions when we do meet
Every word and subject becomes a competition
It seems that those gatherings will end badly

I guess because I'm old I just can't fake it
I am who I am and I can't pretend otherwise
I'm not out to impress anyone else in life

Now days it seems everyone puts on an act
As though they are better than anyone else
At 65 yrs. old I can't play all these games

I'm still who I've been right from the start
I still care about family & friends as always
But somehow I have been left behind by them

I'm not materialistic as many of them are now
I like to live a simple yet comfortable life
And if someone needs a helping hand I'm there

The world has moved on and it has passed me by
An old relic of the past history of this world
Yet I still have my values & integrity intact

  Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes our values & integrity are worth
far more than all the money in the world.

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I Long For The Good Old Days Of The Past