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Lucky Was Easy

Lucky was easy.
Lucky was kind.
She made me feel I was home.
She soothed my mind
when I was weary.
She had her way of talking.
She had a way of letting me in.
I felt I was something.
I felt I could win
at anything.

I'll always miss her.
I see her in everything.
Her absence, unending,
a day without sunrises or sunsets.
Lost embraces and old sad regrets.
She was so child-like, so happy.
She had no guile.
Her contentment uncomplicated and
Never anticipating an end.
Her constant warbling voice...
caused me to smile.

It tortures me to think she
may not have understood what was going on.
Leaving the world,
when she preferred to stay on.

Its not easy.
Lucky, its not kind.
Your life far too brief.
Fate was cruel, destiny blind.
You should have danced longer.
My heart's catching.
God seems unkind.

You should have had a second life,
an immediate trade-in.
A simple grace like yours, shouldn't decay...
Have to face unexpected dying.
Death pilched with its greedy hands,
your life was stolen.
You still had your plans
to play
all that very last day.

Lucky shone so brightly.
She was too mindful
too thoughtful
to want anyone to feel dismay.

When I remember you
it hits me rightly and squarely,
my breath's knocked away.
Burning out like a supernova
Even now, I wonder to this day

Why would someone like you
beautiful, simple, pure of heart
leave in this way?

It was so hard for me
to watch you die
as I held you
that one last time.

And then the room filled
with your warm smell
and I felt you kneading me
later on in bed that night
reassuring me
once more
that it would be alright.

Legal Copyright January 30, 2013
All Rights Are RESERVED by this Author
for this work/for this site title
Melissa A Howells /
Meloo Straight from her Tilt-A-World

Not trying to be fancy or deep.
Lucky was exactly who she was. No pretense.
A rarity among all God's creation, great and small.
This poem is long over-due. She died on the same
day that Tigger did May 19th, a year to the date
after he did. They were both surely God's agents
and angels on earth and dear dear friends.

Sometimes grief comes and tackles you, when you least expect it, and the struggle
is hard-fought. For some, its a continuing battle. And sometimes, when you're going
about your daily business of life, you can be suddenly emotionally-hijacked...
by a particular song, a color, a smell, a thought. Such was today.

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