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The wrath of God has been revealed,
Against all of the ungodly things;
What people did had been sealed,
Out of the closet He brings.
They cannot suppress the truth,
Of their immoral living;
As they are very uncouth,
Harsh if God is forgiving.
What can be known is now clear,
Of God pertaining to them;
For God they no longer fear,
And the judgment will condemn.
From creation of the earth,
His might and divine nature;
Knew of what it was all worth,
Room for each living creature.
So they never have an excuse,
For acting the way they do;
Making ungodly abuse,
Every and each day through.
They know God but do not praise,
Thanking Him for being there;
Instead each one disobeys,
Without repentance in prayer.
Their thoughts are so misguided,
As minds plunge into darkness;
Where Satan has presided,
And where he keeps them artless.
While claiming to be wise,
They actually became fools;
The devil was in disguise,
Having them break all the rules.
God allowed lusts of their heart,
For becoming in control;
Which guilt and shame could depart,
As the devil took their soul.
They dishonor themselves with sex,
As men perverted with men;
And judgment on all it infects,
The rooster without a hen.

Copyright ©  2013 Richard Newton Sherrer

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