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3) Lost In Paradise (revised)
Entered through a wooden door,
Holy blood covered the outside
Renewed was each part of me, 
A halt upon every cry. 
Suddenly enraptured by a song,
Which played among the angel's voice. 
No word in the dictionary to describe - 
The reward for my faithful choice. 
Diminished was the acknowledgment 
Over the world's possessions and worth... 
As I stood in awe of each color - 
Undeveloped on the earth. 
My Finger tipped upon a rose- 
Whose stem never urged the rain. 
In worship, the mass spoke - 
Of the holiness in God's name. 
I was Lost on earth but found, 
I now stood in front of Christ... 
My eternity has begun... 
Now lost in paradise. 
Dayna Lunstrum © 
Revised 2-8-2013

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Lost in Paradise (revised for a memorial)