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My Teeth

“My Teeth”
Written by Loi in January 8, 2013

Let me go to Coast Dental
That is yes
No, I don't want to miss out
But, when I do not have insurance,
You are about…
You are about to say no
My teeth will not be great if I don't go to dentist
So if you think that my teeth are nice
You make me stay at home
And my teeth won't be great

I'd rather be smiling
Than being grumpy
You don't want to see me grumpy
You should be
You can fix my teeth
Don't leave my teeth…
Don't leave my teeth out

I haven't visit my dentist for a year
And it shed me a tear

‘Cause someone I know is forgetting about my needs
Miscommunication of their and mine
My teeth is fine
But I want my teeth to feel great
And a beautiful smile