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Tonight, as I drove home after a long, challenging day at work I experienced witnessing the most wonderful sunset imaginable…the second such sunset in less than a week! And as I watched the heavens change and glow I felt a sense of utter oneness so deep and profound that it brought tears to me eyes. My soul felt so full and alive in those moments that I became overwhelmed with spirit and emotion…

Always I have felt an affinity with a higher power whenever I am out in nature, regardless of the specific circumstances. Whether it be actually communing with the woods or simply driving across a bridge with a wide view of the sky as I did tonight, I always find the greatest peace within during those times.

There is wonder and magic in the eternal landscape in which we live. Yes, I said eternal. Long before I am…before ‘I' became the being referred to as Kathryn…there was spirit, energy, wisdom, beauty…there was the One. The Creator. Yahweh. Allah. The Great Spirit. The Universe. Whatever you may call ‘It'…it has always been.

And tonight I felt united with that spirit…one with everything.

Tonight I could see the beauty and great love that is there for each of us to experience. It encompasses each and every form whether we see it as inanimate or animate. There is no distinction.

Moments such as this have visited me before and the clarity of how genuinely wondrous life is, is such a joyful thing to feel!

And my gratitude is as deep and wide as any ocean for having felt that…no matter how fleeting the moment was, the memory of that moment and all those I've had previously makes me want all the more to live in THIS MOMENT.

I don't want to miss a thing.

Kathryn Tate Jacoby
February 8, 2013

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