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From A Far Away Place

She really didn't need to work,
Her life a seeming  whirl,
maybe just needed company
This poor little rich girl

And she was always late,
Had far too much to say
And seemed incapable of
Working hard for a whole day.
She seemed in a cocoon,
A world all of very own.
She said she had a partner
But she seemed so alone.

We all tried to help her
But she didn't understand,
Just carried on regardless
Safe in her rich girl land.
My contract ended quickly
And I had to move on:
When I returned two years
Later I found she had gone.

They told me she had travelled
Gone to see the world wide
And on some foreign shore
Been taken by a freak tide.
They never found her body,
Although they searched days,
My poor little rich girl dead,
Gone with her rich girl's ways.

I hoped she'd found happiness
Found a partner or good friend
I hoped she'd had some joy
Before her sad untimely end.


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From A Far Away Place