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I didn’t want to say it, I’m too mucho for that
But now it’s in the pages of poetry so it can’t be taken back
No longer will I hide it, not even from myself
I’m even thanking God for sending me some help
Lord I just can’t contain it, I cannot hold it in
It’s like when Jesus first forgave me of my sin
I’m brand new inside, I am a man reborn
My heart as been heal from all the times its’ been torn
I’m in love with Stephanie, and she’s in love with me
Even those blind from birth are able to see
All this time I never knew it, I know that seems odd
But I never even knew love, until I knew the love of God
Now every time I look at her I feel alive and well
I’m in love with Stephanie, but I guess you can tell
She is so right for me; the Lord blessed me real good
And by his grace and wisdom I’ll do all the things I should
I see the Christ in her. It is He who makes her so sweet
A woman who has the love of Christ is a woman that’s complete
Everything about her was design just for me
And everything that we experience is to get where we should be
It feels so good to think about it, even better to say
As I look to the future with her at my side I look to better days
And when I feel heavy like my load is too much to bear
I turn to look for Stephanie because I know she will be there
Likewise when she is gets down, which she sometimes will
By grace I will be there with a love she can feel
Thank you Lord for Stephanie; the love of my life
My lover, my friend, my companion, my wife
~Jackie Moore~


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I`m in Love